Artful Permanent Creations

......faux can be fun!

Over the years I've developed a passion for creating permanent (silk, faux, artificial or whatever you choose to call them) arangements.  They truly can become floral art that will last in a household or business for years.  If well designed, they will be enjoyed by the most discriminating eye who probably said they would "never have that in MY house, dahling!" The key is to design them with natural elements like birch, pods and the wonderful moss product we have available.  It's just so cool to create something floral that can be an artpiece with lasting qualities.....something to be proud of that can allow a client to enjoy my floral designs for a lifetime.

Another thing I love about the permanent design world is there are so many styles to create for my wonderful clients. From Tuscan to Modern, each one is a challenge and joy to create from inception to completed design. Always an incredible journey for myself, the client, and the decor!

With the addition of different types of branching, permanent designs can have added texture and visual interest.  These take away from the manufactured look of the product and give the height and depth that may be needed to extend the design.  The arrangement at the far right was created for a client's long hallway that needed some height to be in perspective with the space.  I added California manzanita with that great dark red tone which picked up the color of the client's container.  The mixture of faux and natural allowed this design to capture the essence of style needed in this space.  Another time when finding the right product to add made all the difference to the design!