The Creative Daily Design

                        Inspiration to "elevate" our everyday work.....

It's amazing how a floral arrangment can lift

someone's spirit!  That's why I love creating

these designs into gifts that have those extra

touches.  From bamboo to metallic wire, these

small additions can give our designs the added

"artful" nature that separates us from the big box

chain stores.  Yes, they take a bit more time.....

but what a pleasure they can become for our

valued clients and friends.  For years I've strived

for my "daily design" to separate myself from the

mass produced arrangements at the grocery and

big box stores. That is a goal I work on every day and will till these chubby Italian hands can work no longer.


Using added materials to fresh arrangements makes our designs have so much more visual interest.  I'm especially fond of bamboo and curly willow.  These additions can give such movement to our designs with graceful texture.  Grapevine does the same, and taking apart a grapevine wreath to add its pieces to a design is smart thinking.  I also love adding different mosses to designs, especially reindeer moss. It's texture is so yummy....along with the different shades of greens and grays it comes in.  And colored wires can give floral designs that touch of "glitz" that catches the light at just the right angle.  We have such awesome product available to add to our floral designs, turning them into pieces to be admired and sought after.