Professional info
Work experience
JP Designs

2011 - present

JP Designs is the business I work under for all my current floral goals.  It encompasses all the skills I've discussed on the site, and anything else you can think of to have me do!

Owner, Camfeldt's Flowers and Design

1980 - 2011

2010 - present

For 32 years my wife, Dawn, and I owned and operated Camfeldt's Flowers and Design.  One of the founding shops in Santa Maria, Ca., this gave me the base for learning the flower industry from the ground up.  Without this experience (trials and tribulations as well!) I would not be the florist I am today.  This part of my journey taught me many skills, both business and design.

Assistant Grower, Sandyland Nursery

1972 - 1977

This was an incredible experience for me, to work at such a grand growing nursery AND learn from an incredible grower, Phil Soderman.  This is when the chain stores (Safeway) were beginning to carry fresh plant product.  I learned so much about growing (especilly tropical house plants)  which has been a wonderful asset to my floral journey

2010 - present

Other Joe Guggia industry info......

---In 1996 I was inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), one of the proudest moments of my life.  I learned that putting yourself "out there" is the key to growth and prosperity, although those moments can be full of fear. I currenty work with the AIFD Student Chapter at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo assisting in their competitive floral design goals.

-----While owning my retail flower shop, I was selected to be on the design team for the California State Florist's Association (CSFA), teaching design seminars in various locations across the state.  This exposed me to wonderful venues and artists in our state and was a great experience.  Through this connection I entered the CSFA's annual "Top Ten" Design Competition and placed!  Totally surprised and honored!








---In 2010 I was the featured designer for Womar Glass ( at Te Florida State Florist's Association (FSFA) anuual convention.  Another wonderful experience and interaction with many of our industry greats.

---Another wonderful highlight of my career was being asked by David and Leanne Kesler (both AIFD and chairs of the 2011 AIFD Symposium "Imagine") to be the "right hand" for European designers Jounie Seppanen ( and Pim van den Akker ( who had incredible programs at the symposium.  I learned so much while making incredible friendships through the experience.

----I'm honored to have been asked by Bonnie Hayden and the Cal Glads team to be their featured designer at the grand opening of the new Carlsbad Floral Trade Center.....another wonderful floral experience to be part of! Gladiolus are a beautiful flower to create with, have such longevity with graceful style. Other generations think of them as just a sympathy or wedding flower....if you let your creative mind go, they can be wonderful additions for all types of designs.  Their beautiful color and texture lend great style to our floral world.....