Creative Plant Designs

In the mid 70's, I was fortunate to work at a plant growing nursery and had a great mentor, Phil Soderman, who is still a grower today in Carpinteria, Ca. I learned all types of growing skills that has allowed me to develop plant designs that I create for homes and business.  I also love this aspect of the floral industry and am able to redo porch plantings, design for hospitals, and anywhere fresh plant material is needed.  It's been a great tool to add to my reportoire while expanding my goals and interest in the design world.  And to see these grow and help my clients live in a "green" environment is so rewarding!

I'm amazed at the availabiliy of wonderful plant containers.  The faux (resin, light weight) vessels cover all types of colors and styles.  The metal lines have come such a long way and have various finishes that excite our vision.  And, of course, terra cotta and ceramic are always at the forefront to give our spaces the added design elements we're looking for. All in all, plantings in cool containers just give our lives great joy, both inside and outside.